The Git cookbook

Git, you either love it for its power or hate it for it's ui. While I'm a trained git apologist and love its power and flexibility, I've also done a lot of git user support at work and in the #git IRC channel. I understand the frustration of the jumble of jargon, inconsistency and arcana that is the git UI and will help you dive into it!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about any of the articles, please leave a comment on the article or in the issue tracker on GitLab. Suggestions for new articles are also very welcome!

Quickly seeing the age of your branches

Posted on Sat 12 December 2015 in Plumbing is awesome • Tagged with plumbing, for-each-ref, merge-base, log, branchLeave a comment

Want to know how old all your branches are? You can of course browse your logs, but git can tell you what you want to know in one command (if you're willing to call some shell golfing a single command)

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