The Git cookbook

Git, you either love it for its power or hate it for it's ui. While I'm a trained git apologist and love its power and flexibility, I've also done a lot of git user support at work and in the #git IRC channel. I understand the frustration of the jumble of jargon, inconsistency and arcana that is the git UI and will help you dive into it!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about any of the articles, please leave a comment on the article or in the issue tracker on GitLab. Suggestions for new articles are also very welcome!

Undoing all kinds of mistakes

Posted on Sun 20 March 2016 in Effective git usage • Tagged with checkout, reset, rebase, rewrite, undo, stashLeave a comment

Git understands that humans are not perfect, and that often we want to change our minds about what we did. To help with this, git offers many tools to undo our changes and even change history. The trick is knowing when to use which tool.

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Rebasing illustrated

Posted on Wed 18 November 2015 in Commit grooming • Tagged with rebase, rewriteLeave a comment

We dive into the git rebase command and take away all the fear around it.

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Removing unwanted data from git repositories

Posted on Thu 05 November 2015 in Commit grooming • Tagged with filter-branch, bfg, cleanup, rewriteLeave a comment

Ever committed something very large or sensitive? Find out how you can remove it from your repository.

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